Medical Disposables - IV Administration

Medeco® Inject AD 0.5ml AUTO DISABLE SYRINGE

Product Details: Auto Disable (AD) syringes are designed as a single use syringe, with an internal mechanism blocking the barrel once depressed so it cannot be depressed again. Intended use: For the injection of medical fluid and primarily by WHO and UNICEF for vaccination.

Key Features of the product:

  • Technology house of Pharma plan Germany
  • Fixed needle that cannot be refilled or reused which eliminates risk of patient-to-patient infections such as HIV or Hepatitis B which is highly prevalent in Pakistan.
  • Medeco AD Syringe has a dual mechanism unlike the competitors:
    • The plunger breaks when pulled beyond its stopping point.
    • Innovative patented technology that blocks further intake of liquid after the initiation of the dose, preventing refill.
  • Medeco AD Syringe is an approved supplier of World Health Organization (WHO) & UNICEF.
  • ETO Sterilized, non-pyrogenic, non-toxic