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Canderel Sachet Box

A low-calorie sugar alternative.

  • Low Calorie Sweetner
  • Helps in controlling weigh
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Easy to tear and quick to dissolve

 Canderal - Sweetness on the go!

From Canderel Sweetener Range, we bring you Canderel Sachets that are low in calories, 0 carbs and 0 sugar sweetener that sweetens just like sugar but without its calories. Use Canderel Sachets to sweeten your hot beverages. A single pack contains 50 sachets, just tear open a sachet and use it to sweeten any drink or food.

Canderel Sachets are for anyone who is looking to lose weight, or wishes to stay fit and healthy, or fight obesity, or is a diabetic or prediabetic person, and or is a fitness freak.

Easy to tear and quick to dissolve, Canderel Sachets bring low-calorie sweetness to your favorite hot and cold beverages, cereals and fruit salads.

When you want a convenient, quick sweetener to add a delicious, sweet taste to your drinks and salads without counting calories – Canderel is the best solution.